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Welcome to my Kansas page!

Below are some photos of the Sedgwick County Zoo Located in Wichita Kansas.

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The Kansas State Fair 2002

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A photo of the fair grounds from the top of the farrice wheel


Featured at the Kansas State Fair:

One of the Worlds Largest Pythons
Featured on National Geographic and The Discovery Channel

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This photo shows the width of the snake very well!
The people in the tent are the handlers.

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She (I think they said it was a female) weighed over 200 pounds!
The widest part of the snake was as larger than a Basketball!

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Luckily she was very calm and recently fed.
A snake this size is very capable of swallowing an adult human.
I think this one has rabbits and chickens on its menu.






Birth Date: January 29, 1861, as the 34th state
Capitol City: Topeka
Population: 2,688,418 (2000 - US census report that comes out every 10 years)
Largest Cities: Wichita, Kansas City, Overland Park, Topeka
Smallest Cities: Freeport, Oak Hill, Benedict, Frederick
Major Industries: Aircraft Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Education
Geographic Size: 82,282 square miles--ranked 15th in geographic size
Geographic Center of Continental US: Near Lebanon in Smith County
Highest Point: Mount Sunflower in western Kansas--4,039 feet
Lowest Point: The Verdigris River in southeast Kansas--680 feet
Time Zones: Mostly central time zone. Some counties in the far west portion of the State are in the mountain time zone.
Nickname: Sunflower State (unofficial nicknames: Wheat State, JayHawker State)
State motto: “Ad Astra Per Aspera” Latin for “To the stars through difficulty”.
State Tree: Cottonwood, adopted 1937
State Flower: Native Sunflower, adopted 1903
State Bird: Western Meadowlark, adopted 1937
State Animal: The American Buffalo or Bison, adopted 1955
State Insect: The Honeybee, adopted 1976
State Reptile: The Ornate Box Turtle, adopted 1986
State Amphibian: Barred Tiger Salamander
State March: “The Kansas March,” by Duff E. Middleton, adopted 1935
State Song: “Home on the Range,” by Dr. Brewster Higley, adopted 1947